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UN Civilian Police

A total of 22 members of the CBRPS have participated in 24 peacekeeping missions through the International Peace Operations Branch – in Kosovo, Siera Leone, East Timor, Jordan and Afghanistan. In addition, five CBRPS officers have served on NATO and Peacekeeping missions through the Canadian military.

The RCMP manages the deployment of Canadian police, including planning and evaluating missions, selecting and training personnel from across the country and providing support throughout deployment.

Canadian police who serve abroad come from municipal, provincial and regional police forces as well as the RCMP, and represent a variety of backgrounds. They play widely varying roles within each mission, from patrolling streets and training police recruits to providing humanitarian assistance, ensuring security for elections and investigating human rights violations.

Serving on a mission can help police officers improve their leadership and problem-solving skills as well as their ability to interact effectively with people from various cultures. In the end, this also benefits their police agency and the communities they serve.

The International Peace Operations Commemorative Coin was created by the RCMP Peace Operations Branch to recognize the contributions of all Canadian police officers who have participated in peace missions overseas. The coins are to be a proud reminder of the tremendous contributions these officers have made in the service of peace. With this coin, our members become part of a unique group of Canadian police officers who have shared in an experience that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

For further information, please visit the RCMP International Peace Operations Branch website.