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Mental Health Liaison Officer

In partnership with the Cape Breton District Health Authority (CBDHA), the CBRPS has once officer dedicated as a Mental Health Liaison Officer to provide training and education, and facilitate a collaborative approach to addressing the needs of those with mental illness.

One of the main duties of the Mental Health Liaison Officer is to provide all officers with Critical Intervention Team (CIT) Training, a model of response for law enforcement officers to provide the most effective police response possible to individuals experiencing mental illness. It provides officers with the ability to recognize an individual with a mental illness and how to handle specific situations involveing these individuals. The increased understanding and skills enhances officer safety and the safety of individuals and communities.

Through the Mental Health Liaison Officer, the CBRPS and CBDHA are working together to decrease the criminalization of individuals living with mental illness and connect them with the resources they need to live well and safely in the community.