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Media Releases

1.    The intersection at Main and McKeen Streets in Glace Bay will become a 3-Way Stop, with the addition of 2 new Stop signs – one on Main Street at the corner of McKeen Street, and another at the entrance/exit to the Salvation Army Parking Lot at Main Street. (See attached diagram)

2.    The intersection at West Avenue and Eighth Street in Glace Bay will become a 4-Way Stop with the addition of 1 new Stop sign on West Street, at the corner of Eighth Street. (See attached diagram)

As the result of an ongoing review of the School Crosswalk Guard program in the CBRM, an independent traffic consultant used research and field investigations – based on national standards for criteria, including: proximity to schools, street crossing width, traffic volumes and speeds, and the number of pedestrians crossing – providing evidence to eliminate a further 9 crosswalk guard locations, determined to be unnecessary. The recommendations were approved by CBRM Council as part of the 2015-16 budget deliberations, since which CBRM Public Works and CBRPS have been working on infrastructure modifications to ensure continued pedestrian safety.  

The new 3-Way Stop at Main and McKeen and the 4-Way Stop at West and Eighth will require a full stop when approaching from all directions; both will take effect Monday, August 24th after Public Works crews have completed installation of the Stop signs.

3.    A new marked crosswalk will be installed on the north side of the Lorway Avenue and George Street intersection. To maintain sight-line requirements for vehicles to properly see pedestrians crossing the street, the existing “No Parking” zone on George Street will be extended to the entire area north of the new crosswalk. Modifications will be made to the existing curb and sidewalk, and additional signage will be put in place, to accommodate the relocation of the crosswalk to the north side of the intersection.
The previous crosswalk location on the south side of this intersection is being eliminated as part of the approved recommendations from the independent traffic consultant’s review of school crosswalk guards. identified some safety concerns relating to sight-lines and location on a horizontal curve in the roadway, as well as the close proximity of another marked crosswalk at the signalized intersection of George Street and Cottage Road. The crosswalk was also noted to be a considerable distance to both area schools with a low volume of student pedestrian traffic and a much higher crossing demand from adults. Considering those factors, it was recommended to remove the marked crosswalk at this location and have pedestrians use the nearby signal at Cottage Road. However, area residents are accustomed and comfortable crossing at this location which provides access to a convenience store and park. So, this new crosswalk location will re-establish the safest access in an area where a large volume of pedestrians continue to cross a high-traffic section of George Street.

Public Works crews are scheduled to complete the new marked crosswalk over the next 1-2 weeks.

Police remind motorists to continue to use caution while work at these intersections is completed, and to pay attention to the new signage. When crossing streets, police remind pedestrians to keep their heads up and pay  attention to surrounding vehicles, make eye contact with drivers and wait until vehicles come to a complete stop before crossing the street.